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Two gorgeous babes, Emma Banks and Ginger Banks are sisters who love to stretch their beautiful bodies with some nice yoga.

In this video, they were kind enough to strip naked for us and adorn their bodies with gold paint like Egyptian goddesses. They go through an entire 20 minute flow from meditation and the beginning to savasana at the end. The hot sisters (one blonde and one brunette) go through all the standard poses. They do cat/cow, table top pose, warrior one, warrior two, mountain pose and of course downward dog.

They show us their amazing shaved pussies in down dog position, naked. It’s so hot. They do all the yoga poses for you completely naked. They love to stretch their gorgeous goddess like forms wearing their gold paint. They look like Isis or Horus or something with their fit yoga bodies doing their naked yoga poses. Emma and Ginger Banks, the Banks sisters are lean and thin and fit and beautiful and they go through a full, real yoga session for us completely in the buff. They end the session by giggling their cute asses for the camera.

It’s like synchronized naked yoga by two egyptian princess goddesses.

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