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This porno has a good storyline for the ladies. It has good roleplay with good acting. An incredibly hot, black, exotic female yoga instructor is getting ready for class one day in a nice, peaceful studio.

Maybe it’s because of COVID-19, but class is pretty much empty that day. Empty except for one handsome male student.

He’s not crazy, so he compliments her on her beauty. The exotic woman thanks him and gently reminds him that this is a yoga class so they need to remain professional. He respectfully agrees, obviously a little disappointed.

Class begins and they start going through the postures. When the good looking male student is in down dog, she adjusts his posture. He’s taken aback for some reason. Like he’s never been adjusted in yoga class before? The fit and lean black woman tells him she’s just adjusting his posture and not to worry. The fit, dreamy guy says he’s not worried and that he’s just not used to be manhandled by a woman. Hardly looks like a manhandling, but OK!

Apparently she decides to show him what a real manhandling is. The stunning black exotic teacher lays him down and starts caressing his fit, muscular body. The lean, exotic teacher starts stroking his hard cock and takes it out of his workout shorts. Then she starts licking the shaft up and down. He looks down at this beautiful woman sucking on his big dick and is so happy. The proceed to fuck in every position you can imagine until the both cum in the middle of this beautiful studio.

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